Our Services

We provide a wide range of veterinary services
for your pets.

Routine medical and surgical procedures

We can offer a wide range of routine medical and surgical procedures aided by our brand new digital X-ray and ultrasound machines:

  • Neuterings
  • Vaccinations
  • Pet passports and export certificates
  • Dental work including open and surgical teeth extractions
  • Lump removals or advanced tumour resections
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • General radiography 
  • Gastroscopy and colonoscopy
  • Rhinoscopy
  • Full in-house laboratory for blood and urine tests

Orthopaedic and
soft tissue surgery

In soft tissue surgery we have a special interest in BOAS (brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome) and we commonly perform soft palate resections and nostrils surgery. BVA hip and elbow scoring are performed routinely.

Price list:

  • Fracture repair: £800-£1600 
  • Humeral intracondilar fissure (Spaniel elbow): £1400
  • CW-TPLO: £1900
  • Lateral (tibio-fabellar) suture: £850
  • TTA: £2000
  • Patella surgery: £800
  • BVA hip scoring: £200
  • BOAS surgery: £800-£1400
  • Laryngeal tie-back: £1400


We can offer a comprehensive service for small animal reproduction whilst promoting responsible and healthy breeding.

Our range of reproduction services include:

  • Health testing prior to breeding
  • In-house progesterone test
  • Male and female fertility assessment
  • Semen freezing and storing
  • Frozen semen inseminations
  • Chill semen shipment
  • Worldwide frozen semen transportation

For more information, please check our dedicated website:

Pet passport and export certificates

We are happy to offer a wide range of export and travelling services and advice and we are experienced in exporting all over the globe including Europe, USA, Australia or New Zealand.

  • Pet passports: £40
  • Rabies vaccination: £35
  • Export certificates: £45-£120
    (depending on destination and requirements)
  • Fit to fly certificates: £45
  • Advice and general support: free 
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